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Mambobaby AquaWing™️ Non-Inflatable Vest

Mambobaby AquaWing™️ Non-Inflatable Vest


Non-inflatable & Hight quality

Designed for Maximum Safety & Comfort

Suitable for Babies for 3 months to 4 years old

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Would you like to experience worry-free water playtime

Mambobaby AquaWing™️ Designed for maximum safety and comfort, your baby will have a blast exploring in a secure and neutral position, all while staying close to mommy and daddy.

Safely acquaint your baby to the water.

Building your baby's confidence and preventing a fear of water should begin in infancy. Don't wait too long to introduce your baby to the pool. Studies show that children who aren't exposed to water early tend to be more fearful and less confident. You may be surprised at how naturally skilled babies are at swimming!

Enhanced Safety with Anti-Flip Design

Mambobaby AquaWing™️ float features an advanced anti-flip design, ensuring superior stability and preventing accidental tipping. This innovative feature provides peace of mind for parents, allowing babies to enjoy water activities safely and confidently. The well-balanced structure distributes weight evenly, reducing the risk of flipping and keeping your little one securely upright while they explore and play in the water.


Our thickly padded adjustable crotch & chest strap together with our double safety clasp provides extra security by supporting their legs, preventing them from slipping out or flipping forward.

This ensures your baby doesn’t slip while they are vigorously kicking.

Bring it Everywhere & Anywhere

Our baby swim trainer boasts Quick-drying Technology alongside its lightweight and exceptional portability. Perfect for on-the-go, it seamlessly transitions from the beach to the pool, and even the bathtub. Ideal for acclimating your baby to water, it's a fantastic precursor to pool adventures, fostering comfort and confidence in aquatic environments.

Protects Them From The Harsh Sun

It's advisable to shield babies from the sun rather than relying solely on sunscreen, given their limited ability to metabolize and excrete sunscreen chemicals. Our Detachable UPF 50+ Sun Canopy, featuring meshed sides, offers enhanced breathability while effectively safeguarding their delicate skin from direct sunlight. With this canopy, little ones can frolic and play in the water all day long, worry-free.

Versatile Age Range: Perfect for Infants to Toddlers

AquaBuddy™️ caters to infants as young as 3 months old, up to toddlers of 4 years, ensuring longevity of use. It provides gentle support for infants, fostering confidence in water exploration, while adapting seamlessly to accommodate the needs of active toddlers during play. With its versatile design, it offers a safe and enjoyable experience for both parent and child throughout their early developmental stages.